A Japanese Head Spa: What is it & How to Recreate It at Home

A Japanese Head Spa: What is it & How to Recreate It at Home

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If your favorite part of a salon visit is getting your hair washed, then the Japanese Head Spa might become your latest self-care obsession. With Beautytok’s viral influence, the hasthtag “Head Spa” has garnered over 379M views on TikTok with videos ranging from the ASMR effects of the shampoo lather to the full practice from start to finish. So what exactly is a Head Spa & what are its benefits?


Guided by a holistic approach, a head spa combines spa-like rituals with a deep cleanse of the scalp to remove buildup & stimulate blood circulation to improve overall scalp health. Although new to the West, head spas have been traditionally practiced in Japan for years where taking care of the scalp is seen as an integral part of maintaining healthy hair.

Similar to how facials improve skin health, a Japanese head spa helps reset the scalp with a detoxifying massage that provides stress relief, improves hair & scalp conditions & ultimately helps promote healthy hair growth.


Starting with the scalp analysis, your head spa expert will address any scalp concerns to determine your personal treatment. A magnifying camera is often used to examine the state of your scalp to see what products will work best during your treatment.  

Once a treatment plan is determined, you will move to a reclining, over-the-sink chair to start the experience. Each treatment begins by inhaling a blend of essential oils to help bridge the mind-body connection.

From the first rinse, every step is guided by slow intentional movements. As the scalp is cleansed, your expert will massage your scalp, hitting certain pressure points for added relaxation.

The process then continues with a steam cap to open the hair follicles for a deeper clean. Followed by more gentle massaging of the scalp, a conditioning treatment is then added to the hair & left on for a few minutes covered by a hot towel to maximize absorption.

Once all products are rinsed out, the process concludes with a nourishing scalp tonic or serum that can be left on the hair until your next wash.


A salon trip isn’t the only way to experience the benefits of a Head Spa. The best way to recreate this at home is to start by creating a relaxing setting. To enhance the mind-body connection, try breathing in your favorite essential oil, playing a relaxing sound or dimming the lights & lighting a candle.

Once in the right head space, choose a Shampoo & Conditioner that’s best fit for your hair & scalp needs. Try the Strengthening Shampoo to repair damaged hair, the Fullness Shampoo to increase volume, or the Clarifying Shampoo to target scalp buildup. Follow with the corresponding conditioner and wrap hair in a warm towel for 10-20 minutes before rinsing to lock in moisture.

Complete this pampering routine with a gentle scalp massage using our Michiru Scalp Tonic to deliver a balanced & nourished scalp. Using a Gua Sha, or if you don’t have one a comb works just as well, apply the serum & gently massage into your scalp in small circular motions beginning at the hairline and working your way towards the back of your head.

While a trip to the salon is always nice, try recreating your own Head Spa at home for the perfect relaxing addition to your wash day routine. 

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