Scalp Health 101: How to Achieve a Balance and Nourished Scalp

Scalp Health 101: How to Achieve a Balance and Nourished Scalp

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Chances are you have an entire skincare routine for your face, but have you ever considered the skin on your head? Even though you can’t easily see your scalp, its health is essential in producing your most gorgeous hair. Let’s review the importance of a nourished and balanced scalp, as well as how to achieve it yourself.

The Science Behind Scalp Health

Hair is produced from the follicles on your scalp. With this production comes sebum, an oily substance made to prevent your skin from becoming too dry. Though it is naturally occurring, an excess amount of sebum can clog pores and impede healthy hair growth. Other elements that can contribute to unhealthy buildup include product, sweat and pollution. Severe scalp buildup can create an environment in which bacteria thrive, potentially leading to inflammed and infected follicles, which can cause hair follicles to shrink and restrict hair growth.

Much like the skin on your face, hydration is the key to a healthy scalp. A dry scalp often accelerates the production of dandruff, which is the shedding of dead skin cells. An overproduction of dandruff can clog hair follicles much like excess oil does. If your scalp is too dry, it can feel itchy and irritated and cause hair to look dry and dull.

How to Improve Scalp Health

A healthy scalp is a balanced scalp—not too oily & not too dry. Your scalp microbiome, an ecosystem of microbes and other microorganisms, protects your scalp from irritation, infection, and damage. Keeping this microbiome balanced is key to a strong scalp barrier and healthy hair. If you notice you have a dry, oily or itchy scalp, there are steps you can take to balance your microbiome.

First, assess the hair care products you are using. Avoid products containing sulfates, parabens, or alcohols, which can strip the hair and scalp of essential moisture. Look for gentle haircare products that can remove buildup without stripping key nutrients from your scalp.

Second, make sure your scalp is staying moisturized. If you’re looking to reduce dryness try our Michiru Scalp Tonic, formulated with Niacinamide to deliver lasting moisture. This tonic is clinically proven to reduce scalp dryness in two weeks with regular use.

You can even take this a step further by gently massaging the tonic into your scalp.  A gentle massage helps to increase blood circulation, which can promote healthy hair growth.

To help further your understanding of scalp health, check out this video which explains the scalp’s microbiome and how to improve it’s health.

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